Again our route starts from Mytilene. Following the western exit of the city, through the national road at the 16th Km we reach the village of Lampou Myloi, built at the foot of a green forest. Towards the exit of the forest, to the east, we find the ancient temple of Messa. After the end of the forest, the natural landscape changes: the area from pine plantation turns into a vast olive grove to the east, while at the same time to the west dominates the endless blue of the Gulf of Kalloni and the white color of the area’s salt flats, which together form the homonymous Wetland of Kalloni.

Arriving at the only crossroads of the area, to the east our road leads to the picturesque town of Agia Paraskevi, where even today customs and traditions are revived with roots lost in antiquity. To the east of the town we meet the picturesque mountain of Napi, while returning to the crossroads, which led us to Agia Paraskevi and continuing our route to the north, we approach the picturesque settlement of Arisvi, while a short distance from here, we meet its largest town of the island of Kalloni.

It is the road junction that leads us to the north and west of Lesvos. Kalloni is built on the largest plain of the island, with intense commercial and cultural activity, while at a distance of 4km. through picturesque settlements of Ariana, Kerami and Papiana we end up in Skala Kalloni, a tourist resort and port of the surrounding area.

A short distance from Kalloni, to the north, there is the Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Myrsiniotissa.